Events Sponsorship

Lagos Innovates offers co-sponsorship for events and activities that are aimed at supporting network-building, knowledge-sharing, collaboration and marketing for Lagos-based founders and startups. We understand that these ecosystem-building initiatives are important for value-creation within the Lagos tech ecosystem, and believe that they are an important way to propagate specific tech- or innovation-focused entrepreneurial learning and development.

Organisers of high-quality, preferably smaller-format events and activities (e.g. pitch events, fireside chats, hackathons, etc.) are invited to apply for support for their event production costs, in exchange for co-branding rights by Lagos Innovates.

Lagos Innovates has dedicated a quarterly budget to co-sponsorship of events led by ecosystem participants in this way and is looking to sponsor at least one event per quarter. This is in addition to Lagos Innovates’ own events that are delivered by the team on a regular rhythm.

You can apply for up to N5 million of co-sponsorship per event. Lagos Innovates will expect to brand each event it co-sponsors.