Frequently Asked Questions

Lagos Innovates is a set of programs designed to provide meaningful support for Lagos-based innovation-driven enterprises (IDEs) or tech startups at every stage of their development. Lagos Innovates aims to help the very best founders and teams by facilitating access to four things: high quality workspaces and infrastructure, learning, early stage investment capital and networks.

Lagos Innovates provides support to Lagos-based tech-enabled startups through a number of schemes or programs. You can see a description of each program, register, and apply through the website.

Lagos Innovates is open to startup founders, teams, investors and other ecosystem partners in Lagos State. The key criterion is Lagos State residency or company domiciliation, however eligibility requirements vary by program. This information is available through the website.

Yes. Lagos Innovates is open to all registered Lagos State residents, irrespective of their state of origin. 

Unfortunately, you cannot. Lagos Innovates is only open to residents of Lagos State.

No. Your business must have its headquarters in Lagos State to qualify for any of the Lagos Innovates programs.

Your company must have been incorporated within the last three years.

Yes, your company must be incorporated in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from companies that provide mainly consulting services, even if you consult on technology.

Lagos Innovates aims to support startups at every stage of development. However eligibility (and stage) requirements do vary by program, so you will need to check the criteria for the particular program you are interested in.

Yes, you can apply to as many programs as you want, provided that you meet the requirements of each program.